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                                    Calcium Chloride 

Many homeowners purchase rock salt because it is less expensive than calcium chloride, but even when temperatures are above 15 degrees Fahrenheit there are some disadvantages. Rock salt poisons soil, damaging to trees and other vegetation, and can even damage concrete. It can also be harmful to pets, particularly if sharp pieces become lodged in paws. Pets then lick their the irritated paws and can ingest the salt.

Relative deicing speed
Fast acting deicer at all temperatures.

Lowest-practical temperature

Down to -25° F.

Effect on concrete

Does not chemically attach concrete. Poses least threat of damage from freeze induced expansion pressure

Effect on vegetation
Used as recommended, will not harm vegetation.  Calcium Chloride is used as a calcium source for certain fruits and vegetables.


Leaves no powdery residue.

Calcium Chloride gives off heat as it dissolves therefore melting more ice faster at lower temperatures than other common chemical deicers.


Clearing winter lots to the bare pavement usually requires De-icing chemicals. In Our Area  the most common chemical is salt (sodium chloride) which usually comes from mined rock salt that has been crushed, screened, and treated with an anti-caking agent. De-icing salt is relatively light--just over one ton per cubic yard--and comes as a mixture of three-eighths inch granules to fine crystals.

                TREATED SALT

Treated Salt is pre-mixed to allow for a precise and uniform coating of each salt crystal that will provide you with  the added benefits of:

  • Inhibited Corrosion
  • Faster Melting Action
  • Lower Working Temperatures To -13F
  • Reduce Bounce And Scatter
  • Increased Solid  Content Extends The Dilution Of  Solution Process
  • Fleet Optimization
  • Fewer Application Trips
  • Free Flowing Spreaders